The Southern Reparations Loan Fund makes business loans to cooperatively owned businesses anchored in the most marginalized Southern communities. We especially focus our lending toward start-ups and expansions of democratically-governed enterprises that meet the needs and elevate the quality of

Invest + Give

There are two ways you can help: (1) Grants and donations and (2) Investments. Both kinds of support are needed now. Anyone can support us with a grant or donation. If you’re interested in making an investment, please contact us


Mailing address Southern Reparations Loan Fund C/O Fund for Democratic Communities 315 Spring Gard St., Suite 2A Greensboro, NC 27401

Meet the Renaissance Community Co-op

The RCC is a community-owned start-up grocery store in Greensboro, NC. When it opens this fall the co-op will alleviate a food desert and bring good paying jobs to a low resource community.

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