There are two ways you can help: (1) Grants and donations to SRLF, and (2) Investments in Seed Commons, through which the SRLF loan funds access their lending capital. Both kinds of support are needed now.

Anyone can support us with a grant or donation. If you’re interested in making an investment, please contact us at or 646-257-4144 to find out of you meet current investment eligibility guidelines.

All investments, grants, and donations go through The Working World, the fiscal sponsor for SRLF and Seed Commons.

Grants and donations of any size are needed and appreciated. They help us build distributed local infrastructure and capacity to start up and support cooperative businesses in the most marginalized communities, which in turn develops a broader, robust pipeline of coops that are ready for productive investment. Grants can also be made to the Seed Commons lending pool, which gives us much-needed first-loss capital that in turn can be leveraged for up to four times more investment.

All grants and donations are tax deductible.

Any individual or institution can make a tax-deductible grant or donation at any time online or by writing a check to The Working World, with a clear notation indicating that the gift is intended for Southern Reparations Loan Fund, by writing “SRLF” on the memo line. Mail the check to:

The Working World
116 Nassau Street, Suite 513
New York, NY 10003